Municipal Tree Inventories

An important part of any municipality's urban and community tree program is the "boots on the ground" inventory. From knowing the overall species composition of your town's trees to estimating the age and size of canopy cover, a municipal tree inventory serves as a baseline for future tree planting, maintenance needs and budgets, and tree removal. Most importantly, conducting a tree inventory gets you outside looking at trees and talking to the people who live and play near them.

Municipal volunteers, staff, student groups, and non-profit groups can contact our program to receive free and in-person training to conduct a Municipal Tree Inventory using our digital platforms.

In these trainings, we discuss:

  • Who will conduct the inventory
  • What geography the inventory will encompass
  • How to use the free applications ArcGIS Field Maps and ArcGIS Survey 123 to collect location, species, condition, and management guidelines about trees.
  • How to take and view current and past photos of each tree in the inventory
  • Any previously collected tree inventory data and how we can update it
  • A plan and timeframe to update or complete each section of inventory
  • How to view, sort, filter, and print data as it is collected and once field work is complete. 
Completed Inventory Reports

Barre City (2015)

Brattleboro (2015)

Bristol (2014)

Charlotte (2016)

Chester (2016)

Colchester (2012-13)

Essex Junction (2013-14)

Hinesburg (2015)

Hyde Park (2017)

Irasburg (2021)

Johnson (2014)

Lyndonville (2015)

Middlebury (2014) Inventory Update (2016)

Milton (2015)

Newport City (2016)

Northfield (2014)

Plainfield (2015)

Rockingham (2015)

Shelburne (2014)

Springfield (2015)

St. Albans City (2015)

Stowe Village (2016)

Swanton (2014)

Thetford Hill (2018)

Vergennes (2014)

Waterbury (2016)

Windsor (2016)

Winooski (2014) Inventory Update (2015)