Growing Works of Art Contest

Arbor Day is a day to plant, nurture and appreciate trees and the difference they make in our lives. To help us spread the word about Arbor Day, we are inviting students (Grades K-8) to celebrate by creating tree art and companion stories.

Questions about this program? Contact Gwen at or 802-656-7638.

Grade 4 Gwendolyn Firlik

2024 Contest Theme

ABCs of Trees

Students chose a letter of the alphabet and identified a tree-themed word with companion artwork. Congratulations to the winners of this year's contest!

2024 Contest Winners

K: Hazel

B is for Branches

The branches of a tree remind me of my family and friends and all those that care about me. My tree is big because I have a new family and an original family. Because I have so many people that love me, my tree is very big and has lots and lots of branches.

B is also for ball and backpack. Sometimes when I come home from school, I put away my backpack and play with my ball under my tree.

First Grade: Stone McClurg

R for Roots

Roots are a part of trees. Roots can be any size. Roots make trees grow and live. They are how trees talk to each other. I like roots because they are real but you can't see them. Roots are brown.

Second Grade: Aria Williams

P is for Pine tree. S for Shade. F for Forever tree. 

The most important one because it was tiny, tiny, tiny when my mom bought the house and it has grown with me. That is why it is the forever tree.

Third Grade: Sadie Martone

M is for Magic

My art is inspired by growing up in Tinmouth, Vermont. I am surrounded by nature and enjoy spending a lot of my time in the woods. I think the woods are filled with magic from all the animals living there to the fairies that build their tiny homes in our woods. I love to watch flowers bloom, listen to the birds chirp, and see all of the different colors the forest around me has to offer. I believe the forest is a very magical place.

Fourth Grade: Kaylie Blouin

D is for Different

Every tree is different, even the same type of trees grows differently. They change with the season and dance in the wind. People are just like trees. They have different genes, characteristics, personalities, environments, all growing together. Trees give us food, oxygen, and shade. We give them carbon dioxide. Working together benefits both parties.

Fifth Grade: Phoebe Hoyler

F is for Feeling Tree

This tree makes me feel

Brave. Makes me try things, even 

when I feel so weak. 

This tree supports me so much,

helps me calm down, helps me feel. 


We say how we feel. 

We tell each other stories. 

Whenever I’m lonely, they always make me feel free. 

I climb it doesn't make me 


Fall. Whenever I feel

sad it makes me feel happy. 

I am so joyful

to be with this very kind tree. 

I'm so grateful for this tree.

Sixth Grade: Wesley Price

B is for Beauty

Nature is a beautiful thing. It is all around us. The cycle of nature is intricate and sewn together so precisely that if you were to take one part of it, the whole fabric that is our ecosystem would collapse.

The death of one piece blooms into the life of a new.

The most prominent example of this cycle is trees and their connection with all living beings in its presence.

A tree loses its nuts that provide food for squirrels and the food for the squirrels blooms into a towering tree to provide for the next.

It’s these things in life that make me reflect on the beauty and the complexity of mother nature.

One details I have meditated on throughout this year and even my life, is that all religions try to convey this message of importance, of beauty, tranquility and power.  

Seventh Grade: Paige Kennedy

B for Blossoming

Everyone goes through a stage of maturing

Preparing, perfecting,

For the "real world"

But sometimes your spirits fall

Just like petals

You age,

You evolve and adapt.

That's what you have to do to keep going.

Eventually, you get tired


But still,

You'll find something

Someone perhaps,

That makes you thrive


You'll make it eventually

To that special someone

And blossom into something absolutely


So don't give up yet

You'll mature and perfect.

That's the point, right?