Elise Schadler

Program Manager

VT Forests, Parks & Recreation, 111 West StreetEssex Junction, VT  05452


Contact Elise if you have questions about:

  • Program Administration
  • ​Canopy Grants
  • ​Partnerships​
  • Recognition Programs
  • Public policies and ordinances regarding trees
  • Vermont Tree Warden Statutes and responsibilities
  • Tree City/Tree Campus/Tree Line USA

Elise is our Program Manager and has been with VT UCF since 2012. Raised in a small Ohio neighborhood of tree forts, after college she joined the AmeriCorps National Civilian Community Corps for a pivotal year of introduction to the country's varying natural landscapes as well as social, economic, and environmental issues. Next, she directed a community-based tree planting program in Camden with the NJ Tree Foundation and eventually ventured north to pursue her M.S. from the Rubenstein School of Environment & Natural Resources at the University of Vermont. She quickly fell for the land, people, and flavor of Vermont and is happy to be able to continue her development as a professional urban forester here. She is an ISA Certified Arborist, Tree Risk Assessment Qualified, a graduate of the Municipal Forestry Institute, and a Burlington Master Naturalist. When not working Elise fills her time with seasonal outdoorsyness, coordination of large backyard dinners and community storytelling events, and spending as much quality time as possible with her husband, two young children, and the good people that fill her life.

Kate Forrer

Community Forestry Specialist

University of Vermont Extension 327 US Route 302, Ste. 1Berlin, VT  05641


Contact Kate if you have questions about:

  • Town forests
  • Our Vermont Woods
  • New Programing Opportunities

Kate started planting trees from a young age. She can still remember being given a small pine seedling in elementary school. Unfortunately, she planted it under a full canopy of towering oaks and though the tree was short lived, her passion for trees and forests only grew. Kate received a BA in Environmental Studies from Bates College in Maine and a MS from University of Vermont in Forestry. In 2006, she joined the Urban & Community Forestry Program. Since joining UVM Extension as an Urban and Community Forestry Outreach Specialist, Kate has taken on various roles from providing technical assistance to communities and volunteer groups in planning and caring for the forest in which we live to coordinating the SOUL Tree Stewards program to working with partners to develop The program has allowed her to put her passion for Vermont’s trees and forests together with her love of working with people. Always up for a challenge, Kate’s newest project involves creating Vermont's first online forestry learning center- a place for landowners, municipalities, professionals, and educators to learn, connect, and become engaged. The project seeks to foster more collaboration.

Gwen Kozlowski

Outreach & Education Coordinator

140 Kennedy Drive, Suite 201South Burlington, VT  05403

802-651-8343, ext 506

Contact Gwen if you have questions about:

  • SOUL Tree Stewards Volunteer Program
  • Teens Reaching Youth (TRY)- Forest and Trees Program
  • Energy Savings Trees Program
  • Vermont Arbor Day Conference

Gwen returned to Vermont to join the VT UCF team as the Education and Outreach Coordinator in May 2015 She completed her undergraduate degree in Natural Resources at UVM. Since then, Gwen has worked throughout New England in the field as a researcher and in communities as an educator. She is passionate about helping connect people to the important natural resources all around us, whether it's an urban park or rural landscape. She was previously the Stewardship & Education Manager at the Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust, an urban land trust located in Massachusetts.

Joanne Garton

Technical Assistance Coordinator

1 National Life Drive, Davis 2Montpelier, VT  05620-3801


Contact Joanne if you have questions about:

  • Public and shade tree inventories
  • Urban tree data
  • Resilient Right-of-Ways project
  • Public tree management plans
  • Community science projects
  • Ash tree inventories and c​ommunity preparedness for emerald ash borer
  • Tree warden support
  • Shade tree preservation plans and municipal tree policy
  • Tree care, selection, planting, and protection

Joanne joined the UCF team in the spring of 2017 as the project coordinator for the rural roads portion of the burgeoning Resilient Right-of-Ways project, a state-led initiative focused on assisting municipalities with smart and forward-thinking vegetation managmenet along their roads. Now serving all of the technical needs of communities working with urban and community trees, Joanne is focused on continuing the robust data collection, writing, outreach, and information sharing that the UCF Program continues to deliver. Joanne holds a B.Scs. in geology and architecture from McGill University and is a 2015 graduate of the Field Naturalist and Ecological Planning M.Sc. program at the University of Vermont. She is an active fiddler, performing and teaching at dances and festivals throughout New England. And when home, she enjoys the quaint life of downtown Montpelier.

Ginger Nickerson

Forest Pest Education Coordinator

UVM Extension, 327 US Route 302, Suite 1Barre, VT  05641


Contact Ginger if you have questions about:

Invasive forest pests

  • Education & outreach events on invasive forest pests
  • Forest Pest First Detector Program
  • and our bi-monthly newsletter

Ginger joined the UCF team as the Forest Pest Education Coordinator in the fall of 2018. Many of Ginger’s fondest memories involve trees and forests – including “running away from home” to sit in the branches of a hemlock in her family’s backyard in Massachusetts. With an undergraduate degree in botany from the University of Wisconsin and a graduate degree in Natural Resource Management Policy and Behavior from the University of Michigan, Ginger has long been fascinated by people’s relationship with plants and the land, and in finding ways to maximize community input in natural resource management decisions. To that end, Ginger spent a number of years after graduate school working for community development and conservation organizations in New England, Appalachia, and Central America. Some of her favorite projects involved training teens in Maine and Nicaragua to interview elders in their communities about how fishing, farming, hunting, and logging had changed over time. Prior to joining the UCF team, Ginger worked for UVM Extension’s Center for Sustainable Agriculture, helping fruit and vegetable farmers with food safety strategies.

Charlotte Cadow

Black Ash Inventory and Outreach Specialist

Burlington, VT  

Contact Charlotte if you have questions about:

  • Black ash identification
  • Black ash inventory on state, municipal, and private lands
  • Community science projects
  • Black ash and the Abenaki culture

Charlotte is a graduate student in the University of Vermont Field Naturalist Program. She is currently working with VT UCF to build awareness and enthusiasm for black ash trees in Vermont. This effort includes an inventory on both private and public lands, and considers the implications of EAB and land access for Abenaki basketmakers. When she’s not peering through a hand lens or staring through binoculars, Charlotte embraces every opportunity to spend time outside.

Julia D'Alessio

Urban Forestry Intern

Burlington, VT  

Contact Julia if you have questions about:

  • Tree Campus K-12
  • Student engagement

Julia is an undergraduate student at the University of Vermont studying within the Rubenstein Environmental Studies program. She supports including local perspectives and voices in community forestry, advocacy, and planning initiatives to increase forest protection globally. To create awareness of UCF programs and forest care, Julia will be researching various promotional avenues and visiting different parts of the state to connect Vermonters with our team and our mission. This effort includes assisting municipalities with tree inventory and creating educational outreach materials such as interview-based videos to reach different ages and demographics. She is excited to showcase the UCF team's efforts and youth-led urban forestry initiatives in Vermont.