Emerald Ash Borer Management

Emerald ash borer (EAB) was first confirmed in Vermont in February 2018.  We encourage all Vermont towns to prepare for and manage the impacts of EAB and the loss of ash trees in our communities. Dead and dying ash trees along the public right-of-way and in public places, such as parks and schools, pose a risk to public safety. The loss of ash trees will leave gaps, impacting the ecological, economic, and aesthetic benefits provided by every municipality's urban forest. Municipalities will bear the responsibility and costs of removing ash trees, replanting trees of other species, and treating ash trees with insecticide to protect them from EAB infestation. Learn more about the impact of EAB on the USDA APHIS story map.

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Infested Area Map EAB Identification Ash Tree Identification

Stay up to date by visiting VTinvasives.org and signing up for the EAB Updates Listserv.

Examples of Vermont EAB Preparedness and Management Plans
Budgeting Resources
  • Rough Estimates:

    Ash tree removals: $18.33/inch DBH or $155-$3500/tree (many factors determine per tree cost)

    Stump grinding: $6.50/inch DBH or $125-250/tree

    Replacement tree planting: $100-$600/tree (many factors determine planting cost)

    Insecticide treatment: $3 - $15/DBH inch every other year (lower cost estimates if application is done by town staff that hold pesticide applicator certification) ​

Examples of Contracting Documents and Public Notices
Additional Resources
  • Highlight town map indicating inventory areas
    Highlight town map indicating inventory areas
  • Essex Town Public Tree Inventory
    Essex Town Public Tree Inventory
  • Vershire Rural Roadside Ash Inventory Training
    Vershire Rural Roadside Ash Inventory Training
  • Winooski tree inventory
    Winooski tree inventory
  • Chester Publice Tree Inventory
    Chester Publice Tree Inventory

Need Assistance?

For assistance with roadside ash inventory and mapping, plan editing and review, and outreach and education contact Joanne Garton (joanne.garton@vermont.gov), Technical Assistance Coordinator. For assistance with outreach and educational efforts related to EAB, contact Ginger Nickerson (ginger.nickerson@uvm.edu), Forest Pest Education Coordinator