• Amended Tree Warden Statutes

    New legislation has been passed to modernize Vermont's tree warden statutes and other state statutes related to public trees and roadside vegetation. Read More
  • EAB Municipal Management Case Studies

    The Emerald Ash Borer Municipal Management Case Studies were developed to help municipalities determine the best approach to ash management for their unique situation. Read More
  • Resilient Right-of-Ways Guide

    Resilient Right-of-Ways: A guide to community stewardship of Vermont backroads is a culmination of a collaborative approach to better understand and care for forests, individual trees, and other vegetation along Vermont backroads. Read More
  • Ash Tree Management Grants

    VT UCF is pleased to announce the Ash Tree Management Grants. With funds from the US Forest Service, this program will allocate $50,000 towards municipal efforts to mitigate the current and future impacts of the invasive emerald ash borer. Read More
  • Planting for Impact: Energy Saving Trees

    Using research from the Vermont Health Department, the Vermont Urban & Community Forestry Program targeted communities in Vermont that are most vulnerable to heat-related illness with a free tree giveaway program, Energy Saving Trees. Read More

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