Community Tree Fund

With generous support from the Vermont Electric Power Company, VT UCF and VELCO have established the Vermont Community Tree Fund. This fund is intended to support small tree planting projects.

The Community Tree Fund broadens our ability to support projects (less than $2,000) without some of the administrative stipulations of our traditional grants program. Recipients will not receive direct funding for their project. VT Urban & Community Forestry Program staff will purchase the tree(s) and supplies on their behalf.

Tree Fund Goals

Priority will be given to projects that: 

Project Criteria

  • Minimum of one tree planted.
  • Total project cost must be less than $2,000.
  • Appropriate species selection (right tree, right place).
  • Preference is give to trees planted on public property or on properties owned by registered non-profit entities. Projects can occur on private property, provided an approved agreement is in place between the fund recipient and land owner. 
  • Watering and maintenance plan must be included in the application.

Who Can Apply

  • Municipalities, non-profits, volunteer groups are eligible to apply.

Eligible Costs

  • Funds would support: tree(s) purchase, delivery and watering supplies.
  • Excluded expenses: Tools (shovels etc.) and payment of services to a person or organization (planting, mileage, time).

How it Works

  • Review project goals (above) and submit an application.
  • Applications are accepted year round and will be reviewed during the last week of each month.  
  • VT UCF will notify applicants at the beginning of each month. 
  • Recipients will coordinate project logistics with support from VELCO and VT UCF.



Pride tree in bloom

Community Tree Fund Application

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