EAB Municipal Management Case Studies

The Emerald Ash Borer Municipal Management Case Studies were developed to help municipalities determine the best approach to ash management for their unique situation. The case studies were drawn from six municipalities in the Midwest, New England, and Vermont that vary in population, percentage of public trees that are ash, and resources. Each case study includes the economic costs of ash management for that municipality.

Richmond, Vermont

Approach: Ash tree treatment and removal, interplanting, replacement plantings, wood utilization

Case study- published April 2022

Waterbury, Vermont

Approach: Select ash tree removal, tree planting, volunteer wood utilization project

Case study - published January 2022

Northfield, Vermont

Approach: Outreach, Education, and Pilot Ash Tree Removal

Case study

Chillicothe, Ohio

Approach: Preserving Urban Ash Trees

Case study

East Montpelier, Vermont

Approach: Conducting a Pilot Study for Community Engagement and Cost Estimate

Case study


South Hero, Vermont

Approach: Education, Coordination, and a County-wide Approach

Case study

Sprague, Connecticut

Approach: Focusing on Removals in a Rural Community

Case study

Upper Arlington, Ohio

Approach: Staying One Step Ahead

Case study

Williston, Vermont

Approach: Removal and Replacement with Diversity of Species

Case study

We'd like to acknowledge the following individuals and organizations for generously sharing their time and experience to help with this project: Clint Boggs (City of Chillicothe Ohio Parks Department) and Chillicothe Shade Tree Committee; Steve Cothrel (Parks and Forestry, City of Upper Arlington, Ohio); Jeff Cueto (East Montpelier Vermont Resilient Right-of-Way Project); David Carter (South Hero Vermont Select board); Bill Baron (Grand Isle Vermont EAB Task Force); David B. Gustafson (Tree Warden, Sprague Connecticut); Bruce Hoar (Director of Public Works, Williston Vermont); Chris Donnelly (Connecticut Urban Forestry Program); Mark Hockley (Pennsylvania Urban and Community Forestry Program); Alan Sam (Arborist, State College Pennsylvania); Carrie Tauscher (Indiana Community and Urban Forestry Program); Emma Hanigan (Iowa Urban Forestry Program); Mollie Freilicher (Massachusetts Urban and Community Forestry Program); and Tyler Stevenson, Ann Bonner, Alan Siewert, and Stephanie Miller (Ohio Department of Natural Resources).