Greening Schools on Arbor Day (for Chittenden and Addison counties only)

We are excited to announce that Charlie Proutt and Eileen Schilling, owners of Horsford Gardens & Nursery in Charlotte, are once again offering trees to schools in Addison and Chittenden counties. Up to 10 schools are eligible for one tree each.

Participating schools must agree to:

  • Plant the tree as part of a classroom program or school-wide event.
  • Pick-up the tree at Horsford's in Charlotte. They will show you how to safely unload the tree.
  • If delivery is needed, there is a fee based on mileage. Delivery costs for 0-10 miles $44, $58 – 10.1-20 miles, $72 – 20.1-30 miles, $86 – 30.1-40 miles, $120 – 40.1-50 miles.
  • Maintain the tree into the future.

Horsford Gardens & Nursery will provide:

Vermont Urban & Community Forestry Program will provide:

  • Consultation to select the right tree for the site and how to care for it.
  • Opportunities to extend the ceremony and learning. Visit to discover the resources available.


Unfortunately, we've reached the number of appliciations allowed for Spring 2021. Please email Gwen with any questions.


Questions? Contact Gwen at at 802-651-8343 or