Tree Warden School

With the newly updated tree warden statutes in place and the constant, emerging challenges with public tree management, the Vermont Urban & Community Forestry Program has developed a "Tree Warden School". This online course is designed for tree wardens and decision makers in communities to learn how to better manage their public tree resources. Focus will be on understanding the role and responsibilities of the tree warden, identifying trees a public resource, and connecting with stakeholders in your municipality.

Who Can Attend?

This course is designed for all Vermont Tree Wardens (newly appointed or veterans). Other decision makers such as municipal staff, select board members, conservation commission members and interested tree enthusiasts may also attend. Please note the content will focus solely on the responsibilities of the appointed tree warden. See course objectives below.


  • Define tree warden responsibility.
  • Identify partners and stakeholders in public tree management.
  • Identify 3 challenges and 3 opportunities for tree management in your community.
  • Explored VT Urban & Community Forestry resources and documents.
  • Identify strategies and next steps in your municipality’s tree management.

Course Dates

March 15 to April 16, 2021

Tree Warden School is a self-paced course, composed of 4 sections. Each section has videos and content that are to be completed on your own schedule, at anytime from March 15 to April 16.

Additionally, course attendees will be invited to three live webinar discussions. The live webinars are not required but offer an opportunity to interact with other attendees.

Live webinar discussions will be held on:

  • March 24, 7pm
  • March 30, 7pm
  • April 8, 12pm

This course requires internet access.


This is a free course, but registration is required. Please fill out the form below or linked here.


Contact Gwen at or 802-656-8143.