Public Policy

BrandonThese resources are intended to support municipalities and citizens in understanding and developing public policies to promote, maintain, and protect community trees.

Vermont Tree Warden Statutes are the only existing state legislation pertaining to public tree care and tree warden responsibilities.  

Tree Ordinances and Policies Overview outlines what a tree ordinance is, the benefits of having an active tree ordinance, and the process of establishing a tree ordinance.

Tree Ordinance Guide is intended to act as a tool for Vermont communities as they consider developing a tree ordinance.

Guidelines for Public Hearings for Tree Removals describes when a tree removal public hearing is necessary and the steps to holding a public hearing.

Making Your Community Forest-Friendly: A Worksheet for Review of Municipal Codes and Ordinances: a new publication from the US Forest Service and the Center for Watershed Protection.  

Tree Ordinances is a great online tool for understanding and developing policies for trees.  

Sample Existing Tree Ordinances and Policies in Vermont: