Tree Campus Healthcare

Tree Campus Healthcare is a sister program to the Tree Campus USA, Tree City USA and Tree Line USA programs, and is administered by the National Arbor Day Foundation. As stated on the Tree Campus Healthcare page, "this program recognizes health institutions that make a mission-aligned impact on community wellness through tree education, investment, and community engagement."

Standards for Tree Campus Healthcare Recognition

  • Advisory Committee: representation from a diverse cross-section of campus professionals and employees.
  • Facility Tree Care Plan: understanding of what exists today and then offers a vision of the future.
  • Community Forestry Project: develop meaningful connections between the facility and local community forestry initiatives that benefit residents, patients and employees.
  • Celebrate & Educate: host a celebration event or an awareness campaign that highlights the connection between trees, nature, and human health.
  • Financial Investment: facility will work towards an annual investment of $2 per employee (suggested).

This program will launch in September 2019.

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