Town Forest Recreation Planning

In 2018, VT Urban & Community Forestry Program (VT UCF) worked with, SE Group, a consulting firm that specializes in community planning, to engage ten selected communities in a robust planning process to develop action-based town forest recreation plans. The planning model included public visioning sessions, needs assessments, facilitated walks in the forests, and a final plan that provides actionable strategies to assist communities in taking the next steps.

We are pleased to offer the Town Forest Recreation Planning Toolkit, which provides all the resources needed to replicate this planning process in other communities.  With the help of this toolkit, our goal is to support sustainable, forest-based recreation in town forests statewide.

Interested in learning more about recreation planning in town forests?  Check out our collection of recreation plans from Vermont towns or contact Kate Forrer at, 802-476-2003 ext 210.


This initiative is funded in part by a grant from the USDA Forest Service and is a partnership with FPR Recreation Program; the Vermont Agency of Commerce, and Community Development; and UVM Extension’s Vermont Tourism Research Center.