Vermont Big Trees

Big trees are fascinating! Besides spurring our imagination and interest, the goals of the Vermont Big Tree Program are to increase public awareness of the ecosystem services provided by big trees and cultivate interest in protecting them for the future.

The Vermont Big Tree List is a searchable and sortable map, hosted by the Vermont Department of Forest, Parks and Recreation.

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Trees can be nominated by any tree enthusiast and will subsequently be confirmed by Department of Forests, Parks & Recreation staff. Big tree nominations are accepted from January to June each year. Staff will contact landowners and conduct site visits as needed from July to December. If you would like to nominate a tree that is not located on your property, please get permission first.


The Vermont Big Tree Program uses American Forests’ formula to determine whether a tree is a champion. There are three measurements that are taken into consideration:

  • Circumference in inches, taken 4.5 feet above the ground (unless root swell, low branches, or multiple stems require adjustment);
  • Height in feet, from the ground to the highest branch; and
  • Crown spread, averaged from the longest and shortest points across the tree's canopy

Big Tree Points Formula

Think you have a big tree? Use the formula below to calculate the total points. Points are also calculated in the nomination form.

Circumference (inches) + Height (feet) + 1/4 of the Crown spread (feet) = Total Points

Nominate a Big Tree

  1. Check to see if your tree is eligible. View list of vacant tree species and list of current big tree champions.
  2. To the best of your ability, measure the tree's: circumference, height, and crown spread.
  3. Submit your nomination from January- June. Staff will contact landowners and conduct site visits as needed from July to December.

Vacant Tree Species List (updated October 20, 2022)

Measuring Guidelines

Nominate Your Big Tree

More Information

Learn more about the Big Tree Program history here!

Questions? Contact Gwen at or 802-651-8343, ext 506.