Introducing Max Hertz, UCF Intern

January 26, 2023

Max Hertz standing next to tree

Hello everyone, my name is Max Hertz, and I am a senior forestry major in the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources at the University of Vermont. Originally from Westchester County, New York, I’ve lived in Burlington since August 2019 when I entered UVM as an environmental science major. Soon after beginning my coursework, I discovered just how broad environmental sciences are, so I decided to delve deeper into more hands-on learning experiences within the forestry program during my sophomore year. After almost four years in Vermont, I have come to love immersing myself in nature, whether hiking, fishing, kayaking, skiing, or camping. My discovery of urban forestry and its applications came to me in the fall of 2021 while taking silviculture with Professor Anthony D’Amato. With the ever-growing urban sprawl, the practice of urban forestry is becoming more relevant than ever and with this, I knew that this is something I wanted to pursue. Outside of forestry and my love for the outdoors, I enjoy playing guitar with friends, performing in our band, cooking, and perpetuating my knowledge of obscure Lord of the Rings facts.


Max Hertz

Urban & Community Forestry Intern

Burlington, VT

Contact Max if you have questions about:

  • Ash tree inventory
  • Emerald ash borer preparedness
  • Black ash in town forests