Congratulations to 2023 Grant Recipients

February 16, 2023

Tree planting in Burlington to prepare for the loss of ash trees due to EAB.

We are pleased to announce the recipients of our 2023 grant program in two categories: Communities Caring for Canopy and Growing Urban Forests in the Face of Emerald Ash Borer

Caring for Canopy

8 recipients have received funding for a variety of activities to strategically move a community's tree program forward. UCF will be awarding just over $30,000 to support the following projects:

Town of Andover: Tree pruning and maintenance in a town cemetery. 

Town of Halifax: Ash tree removal in the public right-of-way to prepare for the impacts of the emerald ash borer and a public outreach campaign.

Town of Hartford: Invasive species removal and riparian restoration through tree planting at a municipal park, as well as large shade tree planting.

Town of Milton: Ash tree removal in the public right-of-way to prepare for the impacts of the emerald ash borer.

Town of Montgomery: Creating a publicly accessible fruit and nut tree orchard on town-owned land.

South Hero Land Trust: Enhancing an accessible town-owned forest by creating a forest restoration plan, planting bare-root trees through volunteer work parties, engaging students through service-learning, and implementing a monitoring and maintenance plan. 

Stowe Electric Department: Conducting a tree inventory along an impaired riverbank, riparian restoration through tree planting, and planting of large shade trees along an adjacent path. 

Town of Warren: Re-establishing tree canopy cover along an important recreational corridor through tree planting, monitoring, and maintenance.

Growing Urban Forests

With special funding from the US Forest Service, this competitive grant opportunity will support resilient urban and community forests in our most populated areas. 8 recipients have received funding specifically for tree planting in the public right-of-way and other public spaces in preparation for the current or eventual loss of ash trees due to the emerald ash borer. UCF will be awarding just over $80,000 to support the following projects:

Town of Bristol: Tree planting and maintenance, outreach, and training opportunities for town staff.

City of Burlington: Tree planting along city streets and also in the city's community tree nursery.

Town of Northfield: Tree planting and maintenance.

Poultney Downtown Revitalization Committee, Inc.: Tree planting along Main Street and updating of the town's tree inventory.

Town of Rochester: Tree planting and maintenance on town park property and development of a draft park preservation and protection plan. 

Town of Shelburne: Tree planting and maintenance and outreach and education. 

City of South Burlington: Tree planting within the city right-of-way.

Town of Williston: Tree planting within the town right-of-way and donation of firewood from removed ash trees to families in need.

Fruit & Nut Tree Grants

Through a partnership with the Vermont Garden Network, VT UCF was also able to award 11 grants to community garden sites across the state to increase access to fresh fruit and nuts. Learn more about this program and the award recipients.


Congratulations to all of the grant recipients; we are eager to see your great work in action!