Are you ready for town meeting day?

February 1, 2020

Town meeting day icon

Town Meeting Day is Tuesday, March 3rd.  This is a great opportunity to increase awareness about emerald ash borer and the impact it may have on your community.  Consider printing and providing, or displaying the following resources in your town:

1. EAB Talking Points

Brief highlights to share with your community.

2. Map of Infested Area

Links to map of current map of emerald ash borer infested area. PDF version of infested area map available here.

3. Ash tree identification

Information, photos, and video on ash tree identification.

4. Homeowners Guide to Emerald Ash Borer

Quick guide to identifying ash trees and next steps for homeowners.

5. Options for Protecting Ash Trees

Steps for homeowners to assess options for treatment and protecting ash trees.

6.  Information for Forest Landowners

Emerald ash borer information for forest landowners.

7. Ash Management Guidance for Forest Managers

Management considerations for forest managers.

8. Recommendations to slow the spread:

For resources and information for municipalities to guide decisions about managing EAB on town properties, visit our municipal planning page.


Image credit: Seven Days