Tree Selection

Are you getting ready to plant one or several trees? Whether you are planning to plant on your own property, in a community park, along a street, or in a tree pit, careful tree selection is essential to the tree’s long-term success. We have all heard to plant ‘the right tree in the right place’. These resources will help you do that:

Vermont Tree Selection Guide will help you match trees to sites to achieve lasting shade.

Recommeded Urban Trees profiles more than 90 trees that can stand up to the rigors of urban environments. Information from Cornell University.

Interactive Tree Selection Tools

Check out our Tree Selection Tool that puts Vermont's Tree Selection Guide in an interactive format. You enter your site requirements and desires, and out comes a list of recommeded trees.

UConn's Plant Database uses a Plant Selector to find trees, shrubs and vines that meet your specific needs.

Northern Trees offers a tree selector designed to help guide you through the process of tree selection, and provide a list of possible trees for your project.