• 16,673 Trees and Counting!

    Through the Care of the Urban Forest Project, we've worked with 27 Vermont towns to inventory 16,673 trees along streets and roads, in parks, and on public properties in our downtowns. Read More
  • Technical Tree Care Trainings in Vermont Communities

    Through USDA Forest Service funding, VT UCF has been holding technical tree care trainings for Public Works Departments and tree committee members in an effort to increase tree management capacity locally. Read More
  • Don't Move Firewood: It's the Law!

    Vermont passed a law this spring preventing the importation of firewood into Vermont unless certified as heat-treated. VT UCF has been collaborating with partners on a comprehensive Don't Move Firewood outreach campaign to support the new law. Read More
  • Regional Invasive Insect Preparedness Team: A Collaborative Approach to Invasive Insects

    Concerned citizens who have been trained as Forest Pest First Detectors started the Regional Invasive Insect Preparedness Team (RIIPT) in 2013; this year they've created four PSA videos to spread the word about the threat of forest pests. Read More
  • Voices Project

    The Voices Project celebrates the passion, knowledge, and will of people who work hard and smart to create, protect, and manage Vermont's urban and community forests. Meet three Vermonters who work for our town forests. Read More

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