Community Tree Nurseries

Community Tree Nurseries are a wonderful way to reduce costs when enhancing your community, making it a healthy and vibrant place for all.  There are, however, many aspects to consider when starting or maintaining a nursery. Check out these resources to learn about all that goes into running a nursery and to explore successful community nurseries throughout the country. 

Nursery-Site Selection, Layout, and Development outline of the steps a team should take for successful nursery site development. 

Equipment for Forest Nurseries provides an introduction and guide to useful and necessary machinery for running a nursery. It provides a list and description of machinery for every step in the process. 

Seedling Processing, Storage, and Outplanting: Addresses; the target plant concept, the many-faceted approach to assessing plant quality, harvesting, plant storage, handling and shipping, and outplanting. 

Nursery Manual for Native Plants. A Guide for Tribal Nurseries. addresses the unique issues people face when planting a native plant nursery. It covers topics from “initial planning through crop production", to establishing trials to improve sustained nursery productivity.

Good Tree Nursery Practices. Practical Guidelines for Research Nurseries lists useful principles and tips to consider when preparing a nursery including; seedling quality, containers, substrates, fertilizers, nursery and plant hygiene, nursery environment and facilities, and nursery management. 

Tree Pittsburgh Nursery provides an excellent case study of a city (Pittsburg) which has grown their nursery into a flourishing and successful community enterprise. Their site features an e-picture book that tells the story of their journey and the self-sufficiency and biodiversity the nursery has achieved over the last few years.

Our City Forest San Jose. Community Nursery and Training Center An excellent example of a community nursery harnessing effective community outreach through their website. The site is user-friendly and intuitive, featuring sections that provide the reader with plant profiles, care guides, and also list their upcoming workshops and volunteer opportunities. Overall, this resources can not only guide successful nursery practices but can also inform web design and outreach efforts. 

Forest ReLeaf of Missouri A successful community nursery case study.

Starting a Nursery Business. discusses aspects of the business side of operating a nursery. It emphasizes marketing strategies, budgets, production considerations, and economic outlook. Additionally, it contains a list of other useful resources.

Marketing Your Nursery This resource delves into the complexities of successfully marketing your nursery’s brand and products. Considerations include: identifying your market, identifying competition, promoting your products, calculating the price you should charge, and your brand’s placement in the mind of potential consumers. It uses relevant examples to illustrate how these practices should be used to market nurseries.