While trees provide countless benefits, they can also be destructive, causing significant damage to homes, built infrastructure, and even other trees during or after a storm. Damage from trees during storms is of particular importance to Vermonters, as the state is prone to wind and ice storms. Preparing our communities with the tools to assess risk and respond efficiently to damage is key to mitigating and reducing the effects of tree blowdown during storms.

Storms Over the Urban Forest: Planning, Responding, and Regreening-- A Community Guide to Natural Disaster Relief is a handbook for municipal leaders, public works directors, urban forest managers, and state urban forestry coordinators. It provides a ready reference for procedures related to planning for and responding to natural disasters. 

Trees and Ice Storms: The Development of Ice Storm-Resistant Urban Tree Populations rates species commonly planted in urban areas in relation to storm readiness and recovery.  

Storm Media Kit shares communication tools for use after a storm event.

Tree Emergency Planning Worksheet is a printable step-by-step worksheet to help local tree managers prepare for a storm event.