School Programs

Engaging K-8 Vermont Children: Planting the Seeds

One of the primary missions of VT UCF is to help introduce young Vermonters to the beauty and wonder of our state’s urban and rural forests. It is our hope that this engagement will spark a lifelong dedication to our trees and foster an appreciation for the value they bring to our communities. We offer a variety of events, educational materials, workshops, and contests designed to nurture students’ interest in forestry, both in a traditional classroom setting and in an outdoor learning environment.

Programs that VT UCF offers include:

Resources for Educators:

  • VT Invasives, a sister site of VT UCF, offers excellent resources for invasive species education.
  • ourVTwoods, a sister site to Vt UCF, has a page dedicated to educators, containing career development and other resources.  
  • Project Learning Tree is a program which trains adults to effectively teach environmental education.
  • Vermont SWEEP is a coalition of organizations and individuals committed to promoting environmental education.