Planning for Natural Resources

The Agency of Natural Resources has designed two courses to help local officials (planning commissioners, conservation commissioners, selectboards, and others) better understand why it's important to plan for natural resources and how to take action. 

NR1: An Introduction to Town Planning for Natural Resources - This course provides the foundation of why it's important to plan for natural resouces and how to get started. This course is currently only offered in person, but we are working on bringing it to you online.

NR2: Vermont’s Ecology and Environment: Caring for Natural Resources in Your Community - This course helps local decision makers learn how to select tools and take local actions that protect and enhance natural resources. This course focuses on helping town officials select the best actions based on the community’s natural resources, goals, and political context; it is delivered through a combination online and in-person trainings. Learn more.

For more information about these courses contact Monica Przyperhart or 802-461-5118.