Tree Steward Awards

  • The Hamilton Award; In Honor of Charlotte Tree Warden Larry Hamilton
  • Middlebury Tree Committee 2017 Arbor Day Award
  • Ruth Ruttenberg 2017 Leader
  • Town of Strafford 2017 Community & Volunteer Group
  • Vanessa Stern 2017 Unsung Hero

Each year the Vermont Urban & Community Forestry Program and Council sponsors the Vermont Tree Steward Awards as a way to recognize our state's urban and community forestry champions.

Award Categories

Volunteer Group/Community: An organization, team or ad/hoc group, or community who, through their efforts, have shown outstanding dedication and commitment in introducing or sustaining an urban & community forestry project within their community.

Leader: An individual who, through services to their community or organization, has shown leadership and dedication in carrying out an urban or community forestry effort. 

Youth/Student: Recognition of an individual or group, from elementary to college-aged, who has contributed in a noteworthy way to an activity, publication, or ceremony, or has shown continued interest in the advancement of the goals of urban and community forestry.

Unsung Hero: An individual and/or group who work(s) behind the scenes and consistently goes above and beyond to make a difference in their community's urban and community forest.

Awards Ceremony

The Vermont Tree Steward Awards are announced in the spring and the ceremony will take place at the Arbor Day Conference.

Previous Award Recipients

Many Vermont tree and forest champions have been recognized; click the link below to explore their great work for Vermont's trees!

Previous Award Recipients