Final Plan:Hartford Town Forest

Located in the heart of the Upper Valley, Hartford’s 423-acre town forest has become a recreation destination for its 10, 000 residents, as well those working in and visiting the region. The growing popularity of mountain biking has created challenges for Hartford Conservation Commission (HCC) in managing user groups and an increased desire to develop more trails. The HCC is interested in understanding more about the impacts of trails on the health of the forest and its natural communities, as well as how best to develop trail networks without impacting the other values provided by their town forest. Hartford is seeking additional support to help guide them in developing a use policy that balances the community’s values with their responsibilities of sustainable stewardship. With five distinct villages in town, Hartford is also interested in ensuring this important community meets the needs of all residents in the town.  

Final Plan:

Hartford's Town Forest Recreation Plan



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 Matt Osborn