Town Forest Stories Pod

The best way to understand the Town Forest Recreation Planning Process is to learn directly from the people who know it best – the ten pilot communities who have completed their plans. This pod contains case studies of each of these communities, as well as other stories around community forestry in New England.

    Wright's Mountain and Devil's Den Town Forest (507 acres), Bradford, VT

    Overall themes: increasing access, sustainable use and connecting to downtown

    Hardwick Trails and Buffalo MountainTown Forest (70+ acres), Hardwick, VT

    Overall themes: proactive planning among diverse stakeholders and increasing access

    Hartford Town Forest  (423 acres), Hartford, VT

    Overall theme: building trust in the community

    Hinesburg Town Forest (837 acres), Hinesburg, VT

    Overall themes: impact assessment and sustainable use planning

    Huntington Town Forest (100 acres), Huntington, VT

    Overall theme: considering acquiring a new town forest

    Virginia Stranahan Memorial Town Forest (620 acres), Marshfield, VT

    Overall theme: balancing multiple management objectives

    Battle Woods, Means Woods, and Chipman Hill Town Forests (257 acres), Middlebury, VT

    Overall theme: connecting multiple town forests

    Andrews Community Forest (428 acres), Richmond, VT

    Overall themes: getting started with a new town forest

    Weathersfield Town Forest (310 acres), Weathersfield, VT

    Overall themes: creating a multi-use trail and connecting to surround recreation opportunities

    Woodbury Town Forest (65 acres), Woodbury, VT

    Overall theme: increase community awareness and use of the forest


    Other Community Forestry Stories and Case Studies

    An Economic Case for Catamount Community Forest- produced by The Trust for Public Land

    Economic Benefits of the Proposed Barre Town Forest- produced by The Trust for Public Land