Town Forest Thank You Notes

Help us recognize the stewards of Vermont’s town forests and spread the news about how town forests improve our lives and our communities! Throughout the month of October we are asking you to say "Thank You!" Share your message of appreciation with us and we'll pass it along to those who need to hear it! 

Here is what we need from you:

Write a thank you note: It is so easy! Just use our online template and fill in the blanks  or write your own thank you note and e-mail it to us by October 23rd!

Share this campaign: Tag it #TownForestTY and challenge your friends to write a thank you note, too!

Once we have received all entries, the notes will be compiled and shared on our website, via social media, and during our upcoming event, Community Conservation Summit: Celebrating 100 years of Town Forests on Saturday, November 7th!

This is your chance to take part in our recognition campaign to celebrate all the ways we appreciate Vermont town forests and the people who make them possible!


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Posted by Alexandra Pastor on November 18, 2015 - 3:55pm

Thank you Barre City Town Forest, better known as the "Cow Pasture," for providing a place to walk in nature, to observe wildlife, to look upon trees each one a testament to this property's history, to run with my dogs who follow every scent they pick up.... my life is made better by your existence. There are no bad days when I walk in your woods. May we preserve you forever for the benefit and enjoyment of our future generations.

Alex Pastor

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