Save Our Urban Forests

The Urban and Community Forestry Program (U&CF) of the U.S. Forest Service encourages healthy trees and forests in our communities and delivers critical assistance in establishing and managing local urban and community forests. In 2016 alone, the Vermont U&CF program supported work that benefited over 400,000 Vermonters in 94 communities. The program’s new brochure highlights these impacts over the past 25 years.

Funding for the U&CF program is at risk. Vermont’s urban and community forests need your continued advocacy and support to protect trees that help reduce energy costs for cooling, protect water quality, provide jobs, and nourish Vermonters. 

Ways you can take action:

  • Let Congress know that trees are key and to restore funding to the recommended $31 million or level funding from 2017 at $28 million. Funding for the U&CF Program comes through the U.S. Forest Service, which is funded through Interior Appropriations. Call, email or write your congressional representatives!
  • Post on social media
    • Twitter: #UrbanForests help our cities/towns thrive @[handle]. Save FS Urban and Community Forestry in FY18 #treesarethekey #vturbanforestry​
    • Facebook: Protect our local jobs/ clean water/ clean air and save FS Urban and Community Forestry in FY18. It is a smart investment and helps our communities thrive.