Reflecting on a Year of Americorps with VT UCF

The pilot year of the ECO AmeriCorps program began with many unknowns and uncertainties, filled with high hopes and enthusiasm to make a difference, as we served as stewards of the natural areas in the state on Vermont.  For me this meant to be a steward of Vermont’s urban and downtown landscapes with the Vermont Urban & Community Forestry Program.

My participation with this program was mainly driven by my interest to provide help and support to people and communities in order to make a positive impact, and to protect our planet and natural resources. As a member of the VT UCF team, my desire to make a positive impact was definitely fulfilled, as I had the great opportunity to serve and interact with various Vermont communities, providing help and support towards the creation of healthy trees and thriving and resilient communities.

I learned the many ways of making a difference which, contrary to my previous experience,  required outreach and organizational skills; skills that I saw improve through my time here, and hope to continue to improve into the future.

VT UCF makes a great effort to make a positive impact in the state of Vermont, providing great opportunities and creating awareness of the importance of the urban ecosystems and tree stewardship, and as I look back on these 11 months I can see how much we have done as a team and as an individual.  I can’t but feel a great sense of accomplishment and gratitude, a feeling that I hope will last and persist in the future.


Diana Jarmillo served with the program for nearly a year and is now headed off to Colorado for graduate school. She will be missed!