Webinar: IPM For Scale Insect Pests of Trees and Woody Ornamentals

Date and Time:

November 12, 2020 - 2:00pm to 3:30pm

EPA’s Center for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) hosts an ongoing series of webinars featuring experts from across the country relaying educational information and practical strategies for establishing and improving integrated pest management programs. Also featured are smart, sensible, and sustainable strategies for addressing specific pest issues.

An addition to our outreach on IPM for tree pests, this webinar will review the two main classes of scale insects - armored and soft. Most shade trees, fruit trees and ornamental shrubs are subject to scale insect infestation and damage. They feed on the sap of plants and a large population can weaken, damage, and even kill a plant. Proper identification is critical to making informed control decisions and maintaining good tree health is equally important in preventing scale infestations.

Join us to learn how to detect and identify scale. Hear about the latest in prevention and control strategies, including cultural controls and pesticides. CEUs will be available through some tree/arborist and pest management associations.

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