For many years, the Northern Forest Alliance lead a Vermont Town Forest Project that brought partners together to help communities across Vermont maximize the community benefits derived from their town forests and to help support the creation of new town forests. In 2014, VT UCF reconvened partners to bring back this initiative- starting with the Return of the Town Forest Summit. The centennial celebration set the foundation for a multi-year collaborative effort to:

  • Create more informed and effective advocates of town forest.
  • Enhance advocacy skills of existing town forest enthusiasts.
  • Build community capacity to create new town forests, and support sustainable stewardship in existing town forests.
  • Match interested communities with organizations and resources available to legally conserve existing and create new town forests.

Town Forest Partners:

Association of Vermont Conservation Commissions: Jens Hilke

Department of Forests, Parks and Recreation: Ginger Anderson and Keith Thompson

Northern Forest Center: Julie Renaud Evans

Northeastern States Research Cooperative: Kate Baldwin

Trust for Public Land: Rodger Krussman

UVM Extension: Kate Forrer and Mary Sisock

University of Vermont

Environmental Program: Cecilia Danks and Laura Edwards Mattison
Historic Preservation: Robert McCullough

Vermont Land Trust: Elise Annes and Bob Heiser

Vermont Woodlands Association: Kathleen Wanner

USDA Forest Service: Together we recognize Vermont’s long and proud tradition of towns owning and managing their own forests and the positive impacts of the USDA’s Forest Service’s Cooperative Forestry Program: Forest Legacy/Community Forest-Open Space, Forest Stewardship, and Urban and Community Forestry programs.