Town Forest Recreation Planning Toolkit Now Available

In 2018, Vermont’s Urban & Community Forestry Program worked with a consulting firm specializing in community planning to engage 10 communities in a year-long planning process to develop action-based town forest recreation plans.  This process involved robust community involvement, with a focus on equipping the community with the tools and confidence in knowing that it is addressing the needs and preferences of its residents and visitors, as well as effectively managing the forest for the resources and activities it values. Throughout the year-long process, project partners and local steering committee members attended over 50 public meetings, walked over 60 miles of town forest trails, welcomed over 650 community members to town forest recreation planning presentations and public meetings, and engaged over 1,200 Vermonters in public visioning and planning for the future of their town forest.

We are pleased to announce that the Interactive Town Forest Recreation Planning Toolkit is now available to support all Vermont communities in sustainable, forest-based recreation planning in town forests. Interested in learning more about town forest recreation planning? Check out one of our many Upcoming Workshops in town forests!