Safe Tree Removal Training for Municipal Staff

Join Montpelier City Arborist Adam McCullough in this half-day workshop to learn an accessible and cost-effective way to improve safety when removing trees in public ways and places - using a rope to guide trees to the ground while keeping workers out of the strike zone. 

Dates and Locations

There are two options to attend this training.

July 20th, 8am-12pm: Oakledge Park, Burlington

July 21st, 8am-12pm: Hubbard Park, Montpelier

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is intended for:

  • municipal road crews
  • public works departments
  • parks departments
  • any other municipal staff actively working with public trees.

All training will occur from the ground -- there is no tree climbing needed or expected during this workshop.

Workshop Summary

This will be a very hands on training! Pulling trees over with rope allows you to never have someone in the strike zone while you are applying force to the tree.

  • Learn a Bowline knot.
  • Learn a Girth hitch to attach and detach a throw weight from a throw line.
  • Learn how to use a rope bag and throw line cube.
  • Learn how to flake a rope.
  • Learn how to throw the throw weight.
  • Learn how to attach the rope to the throw line so it can be pulled into the tree.
  • Attach the rope about 2/3 up the tree.
  • Get clear of the drop zone before you pull.


Registration costs are $25 for a single attendee, $40 for a team of two or more from a single municipality. If registering for two attendees or more from a single municipality, select the appropriate ticket and enter "1" for the $40 ticket price. Participants staying on-site for the afternoon workshop on Tree Risk Evaluation Training for Municipal Staff and Volunteers should register for each half-day workshop separtely.

The first six registered municipalities in each workshop will take home a rope throwing kit valued at $265 containing the equipment needed to use rope throwing skills in your community. 

Minimum registration of 15 people is required by July 13th.

Register Now - Burlington, July 20th, 2022

Register Now - Montpelier, July 21st, 2022