New Tree Warden Profiles and Webpages

Over the summer months, we had the pleasure of working with Greta Binzen, a student at Skidmore College and our summer intern.  Greta was charged with assisting us in updating our resources for Vermont tree wardens, including our webpages.  We now have one webpage that has general information about tree wardens and one webpage that is full of resources for tree wardens.  Greta began drafting an official Tree Warden Guide as well, which VT UCF staff will continue to refine and hopes to roll out to existing tree wardens in the next few months.  

In addition, Greta developed five profiles on engaged tree wardens statewide.  The goal of these profiles is to celebrate and learn from these individuals, whose combined tenure and experience makes for a wealth of knowledge! Click on the links below to check out the profiles:

Dan Adams, Brattleboro Tree Warden
Mark Dillenbeck, Charlotte Tree Warden
Brad Goedkoop, Hartford Tree Warden
Warren Spinner, Essex Junction Tree Warden and former Burlington Tree Warden
Chris Zeoli, Middlebury Tree Warden 

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