Emerald Ash Borer Awareness Community Kit

National Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Awareness Week runs from May 16th – May 23rd 2020. This is a great opportunity to educate people in your community about the threat of emerald ash borer to ash trees, share important steps residents and businesses can take to slow the spread, and help your community respond.

This year Vermont’s Urban and Community Forestry Program (UCF) team has put together seven EAB Awareness Community Kits that we will provide to the first seven communities that apply. UCF will also promote those towns’ events on social media.

Each EAB Awareness Community Kit contains:

  • 35 11x17 tree tags to tie to ash trees in your community
  • 2 rolls purple flagging tape to attach the tags to ash trees
  • One EAB poster and literature to put in your library or town offices
  • Guides on how to lead an ash tagging event and an ash identification walk
  • EAB Identification Wallet Cards
  • Don’t Move Firewood Stickers

Timeline of Activities

May 1: Winning municipalities will receive EAB Awareness Community Kits by May 1st at the latest.
May 16: Your team tags local ash trees and sends in photos, and a couple sentences about your EAB Awareness event(s), including number and location of ash trees tagged. Tags must be on trees by May 16th in order to be profiled on UCF social media.
May 17 – 23: UCF will highlight one town each day of the week on the UCF Facebook page.

How to Apply for an EAB Awareness Community Kit

Send an email to Ginger at Ginger.Nickerson@uvm.edu.

Subject Line: EAB Awareness Community Kit Application


  • Name of municipality.
  • Name(s) of people leading the tree tagging event.
  • Address to which we should mail the EAB Awareness Community Kit.

The EAB Community Kits will be distributed on a first come, first served basis, so get your application in today!