South Burlington

A Tree City since 2008

  • Route 7 tree inventory
  • The TREEage Community Nursery in South Burlington
  • South Burlington's City Arborist, Craig Lambert, volunteer Marie Ambusk, and VT UCF's Kate Forrer and Elise Schadler at the TREEage Community Nursery
  • South Burlington City Arborist Craig Lambert, VT UCF's Caitlin Cusack, and volunteers tag ash trees for the 2014 Ash Tree Awareness Week
  • The early days of the TREEage Community Tree Nursery
  • Marie Ambusk prunning at TREEage Community Nursery
  • Craig Lambert at TREEage Community Nursery


Tree Warden

Craig Lambert


Tree Warden: Craig Lambert 802-658-7961

Community Quick Facts

Area: 29.6 square miles
Population: 17,904

Impervious surface: 20.2%
Tree cover: 22%

Program Components

Tree Ordinace:  Read it here
Volunteer Group: TREEage
Staff: City arborist and tree warden, Craig Lambert


Case Studies

Upcoming Community Events

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