2013 Tree Steward Award Winner: Student Category

As an Environmental Science major at the Community College of Vermont and someone who had lived through Rutland's "Noricane" and subsequent wind events, Nick had become concerned about the vulnerability of Rutland's street trees to further attacks.  He had heard about the emerald ash borer (EAB) and its slow population progression towards Vermont and was interested in helping in some way.  What resulted was Nick's capstone project for his major, which entailed conducting a street tree inventory of ash trees in the northwestern quadrant of Rutland.  Work included collecting basic street tree inventory data of ash trees, assessing general tree health for each tree, and a visual survey for EAB.  Not only did Nick prepare a report for his quadrant of Rutland, he continued on to complete the entire survey of Rutland's public ash trees - all 206 of them.  Nick has great enthusiasm; he has the dedication of a student with a mission, the willingness to learn the difference between an ash, a Norway maple, and a box elder, and the follow-through to create a document that will be a valuable inventory tool for Rutland.


Community College of Vermont, Rutland, VT