2013 Tree Steward Award Winner: Leader Category

As co-chair of the Montpelier Tree Board, John goes above and beyond to organize plantings, pruning workshops, beaver fence installations, educational talks, and meetings.  His love for trees can be seen in his willingness to talk to anyone about them and go for a walk to ID trees in the neighborhood.  John single-handedly has been responsible for dozens of tree plantings along Barre Street, in the downtown area, and at the Union Elementary School in Montpelier.  He makes sure to connect with City officials, community members, and business owners to keep everyone informed and give them a chance to help as well!  His enthusiasm for the "urban garden" - as he commonly calls our trees - is palpable.

John Snell has served on the Montpelier Tree Board for almost as long as it has existed (about 20 years).  He is also an avid photographer, which has helped show folks the beauty he sees in the urban forest when he gives talks to the community.  John put a purple ribbon on each ash tree to help bring awareness to the beautiful ash trees in Montpelier and the effect that EAB could have on them.  As demonstrated by his efforts and accomplishments through The Tree Board and independently, John Snell is a great leader. 


Gould Hill Road, Montpelier, VT