2012 Tree Steward Award Winner: Community Category

The City of Montpelier has a long history of planning for and stewarding their community’s trees. The city is supported by an active Tree Board that works in concert with city departments, particularly the Parks and Recreation, and Public Works Departments. The have their own tree nursery at the North Branch Nature Center to grow small bareroot trees to a larger size for planting on the streets. This helps to lower costs for tree planting and allows for planting a greater diversity of tree species - a goal of the Tree Board. They work to engage the public including programs for school children and dozens of volunteers get involved every year to maintain the nursery, acquiring trees and equipment, watering, weeding and mulching trees on the streets. They are a Tree City USA, are guided by a urban forestry management plan, maintain a public street tree inventory and raise the awareness about the benefits of trees and the need for stewardship. Our Capital City understands that trees are an essential community element!.


39 Main Street, Montpelier, VT, 05602