Ziva Baker




Mater Christi School



The Maple Tree:

The majestic, mighty maple tree stands illustriously in Vermont’s Green Mountains. It is a hero to beings large and small. It’s heroic deeds include making sap, housing animals and nests, providing fresh air to keep us living and inspiring people to enjoy life, be happy and to take care of nature.

One of its may super powers is to stand tall and proud like a lighthouse guiding us gently to the shore. It stands fearless in any season; harsh winters, sweltering hot summer, wet and wily spring, vivid lively fall. A superhero uses their powers to accomplish good deeds. The maple tree is my kind of superhero.


"Getting Lost in the woods.. a superhero tree"

When I stepped outside to take my dog for a walk, I saw the maple trees sprouting with beautiful colors all over my yard. I went on a trail in the woods and started walking my dog. The trees around me were vibrant and colorful. It was a fall day, perfect for a walk. Suddenly a stick snapped and my dog was on alert. A bunny darted out if the bushes and my dog ran after it. I unfortunately got dragged along because I was still holding onto the leash!

As I got dragged along deeper and deeper into the woods, sticks and leaves covered my face and I couldn’t see. Finally, my dog stopped running because the bunny had disappeared. We ere off the trail and lost deep into the woods. I didn’t know where we were! I wandered along aimlessly, my dog following me, still looking for bunnies! I tried to think where we were, continuing to walk around. I didn’t know how we were going to find our way back.

A long time passed and I looked up and I thought the sun shined particularly on one gigantic, majestic maple tree. I decided that maybe if I climbed up high enough, I could spot my house. I climbed up its thick, strong trunk, then through its branches. When I got to the very top, I realized how beautiful the view of the colorful trees were. There were so many colors and types of trees. I looked hard and I could see my house from there. We weren’t very far from it. I got down and started heading towards the direction of my house. Thanks to the tall and sturdy maple tree for helping me find my way home.