Taylor Tritt




Mater Christi School



On a river bank sat two sisters. They were relaxing under the gentle shade of the cherry blossom trees that lines the river. As the lay there, the younger sister told the older that the trees make her happy. “Why?” asked the older sister. And to that the younger replied, “because they’re beautiful, of course”

“That’s all?”

“Should there be any other reason?” The youngest was confused. She believed that the trees were beautiful and that was their only purpose. But the oldest knew more. She did know that they were beautiful, but she also knew that they were the lungs and heart of the earth, that they connected every living being no matter how different.

“They are beautiful, to that I agree” she told her sister. “But there is so much more.”

“What do you mean?” the youngest asked.

“Well to start, the trees give us oxygen to breathe. They also provide safe shelter for many small animals.” She pointed to a small robin’s nest in one of the cherry blossom trees. “But another thing the trees give us is a message.”

“A message? But trees can’t talk. Can they?” The youngest was intrigued.

“No, the trees can’t talk!” she giggled. “But they don’t need to. See, there are many types of trees from the jungle trees in South America to the pine trees of the north. There are the oak trees in the forests, the savannah trees in Africa, and the cherry blossom trees you see now!”

“Wow! So many trees!” her sister exclaimed.

“Yes! There are many trees in the world but they all have one thing in common. They all give us life.”

“Just like people!” the younger sister said.

“Exactly.. just like people. No matter the differences in culture, skin, gender, race, languor, or background. We are all human and we are all equal.” The oldest agreed.

“We are all equal” her sister echoed in awe.