Sean Early




Mater Christi School



My name is Sean Early. I live in Williston with my family and dog. I love the outdoors and live near the woods. I take Brody, my dog, on long walks in the woods behind my home. Tree overhead are peaceful. You can relax, just you and the woods. I love the trees when I ski too. It is quiet and perfect. My family likes to camp in the woods. We take good care of our fire and always put it out completely, to protect our wood and trees.

My family owns about five acres and nearly 4 are woods. My dad and I are always planting and moving trees because if we don’t they will die because of our changing environment. We try to protect our trees in many different ways.

Trees help us. They give us air and provide is with protection against wind. Also, they give us privacy. They are fun to climb, walk beneath, and see them in the hills. Without trees, we would have had a tough time when we settled here. They helped us through cold winters, for shelter, warmth, and to cook food. We need to take care of tree now more than ever because they are being burned and cut down everywhere, to make more buildings. Trees are our superheroes.