Merjeme Lane-Karnas







My Favorite Sapling

When I was three years old, we lived in a house in Barre that was up on a big hill with a very fun sledding hill to the side of the house. In front of the sledding hill, there was a sapling that had quite a few trunks! There were a few weeds and prickly things at the bottom.

I remember the tree in a bunch of ways. In the spring, it was very surprising to find out that the flower buds smelled like tree sap, from a maple tree! And I also remember really liking to sit in two branches that were small, but big enough to hold my weight. There was an overhang that made it shady. In it, in the summer, when the sun was hot, I liked to sit in it and the shade felt good, and there wasn’t much shade in the yard. But it was very entertaining when Mommy or my little sister were playing in the yard or gardening. I don’t really know what kept me busy up there- but I do know I could sit there for a very long time.