Leo Maiello




The Mountain School at Winhall



My name is Leo. I live in Townsend. This story is about how a dog was chasing me but luckily there was a tree to save me. The end! No, I’m just joking. There’s still another paragraph if you want to read it.

Once there was a day as normal as this one. But this day just happened to have my friends from Iowa and friends from down the road. We all went down to the common in town. We played at the playground and climbed the tree.

We were still playing until we heard a creek from the red brick house. This dog came out of the red brick house. The dog kept barking really loudly and then started chasing me and all my friends. When I went around the common about eight times. Then I realized there was a great climbing tree. It was a large maple. I climbed up the tree with all my friends. The dog couldn’t climb up the tree and that’s the time the tree was a superhero!