Krish Dahal




Mater Christi School



We all



And wonder.

At everything that we see.

But what do we think,

When we notice a tree?

We think wise,

An old and wonderful tree.

We think smart,

An experienced and all knowing tree.

We think humble,

A large but quiet tree.

We think beautiful,

A colorful and vivid tree.

We think unique,

A distinct and individual tree.

We think calming,

A tranquil and peaceful tree.

We think powerful,

A strong and upstanding tree.

We think kind,

A helping and caring tree

But though all we think,

What do you think of a tree?


The years of COVID-19 have been long-lasting and tedious but art and nature have been very enjoyable and entertaining to me. One of the things I like to draw are trees. They are forgiving, pleasant and satisfying to draw. They remind me of Vermont and signs of peace and tranquility. It also connects me to my birthplace. I was born in Nepal and I remember very little about it, so trees and nature help me connect with my birth place. Nature is the thread that connects my life to not only Vermont, but to Nepal and other parts of my life.