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“My Salix Nigra”

A few summers ago, I remember walking out in the dew laden grass, smiling as the wind ruffles my hair, taking a breath of fresh morning air and looking around. I spot my favorite tree. It is already filling up with birds starting to sing their bright melodies, greeting the sun. This is black willow or Salix Negra in Latin. Its long branches hanging as if bearing some unseen weight. Its spear-like leaves whispering in the gentle breeze. I rush up to it and muse as I see the fresh moose tracks. He must have come earlier to nibble on the young green leaves. I investigate further and see some shredded bark. Did a beaver come for his breakfast as well? A rabbit size hole among by tree roots looks fresh. Will he make an appearance? I look up and see my friend the chipper robin already busy feeding her chicks. Her red breast flashing against the foliage. Glancing further up, I spot a beautiful sight: glimmering in the sun, iridescent feathers of a ruby throated hummingbird! Maybe she is building a nest? I hear the ringing beat of the woodpecker hidden from sight by the leaves, drumming away for his meal in a steady “ratatat- ratatat” rhythm. This magnificent tree is like a nursery and provider to all kinds of animals and birds and full of wonders just waiting to be discovered.

I will always treasure the memory of my favorite Salix Nigra with its elegant swinging branches.