Jiya Sekar




Union Elementary School



My Best Friends

When I look out of my window, I see these four lovely maple trees. These trees are my friends. During the lockdown, these trees became my family’s best friends too. Me and my dad like to play soccer under the trees in the cool shade during summer. In the fall, I like to see the colors. It’s so beautiful and makes me very happy. Me and my mom collect the fallen leaves and make leaf art. During winter, the trees become sad with no leaves. Seeing the trees sad, I also become sad. But again, in the spring, I become happy as the tree are happy again with new baby leaves.

I’m excited to play again under the trees, watch squirrels playing on the trees, birds chirping sitting on the pretty branches of the trees, ducks swimming in the river by the side of the trees, green grass dancing in the wind, butterflies fluttering their wings on the flowers and through the leaves of the trees.

Thank you my friends!