Emma Haley




Middletown Springs Elementary School



Oak Tree in My Dreams

One night when I was fast asleep, I had a beautiful dream. In my dream, it was dark in my room, but there were colorful beams of light coming from my window. My eyes opened and I saw the light on my blonde hair. The colors were blue, purple, and pink. I slowly pushed the blankets aside and stood up from my bed. I walked over to my window and saw the most remarkable thing. I stood there and stared at the bright lights behind a big, dark oak tree in the field.

I went to run out of my door to try and get the rest of my family. I didn’t want them to miss out on the marvelous sight. I ran out through my bedroom door and all of a sudden I was falling through the air! I opened my eyes and found myself lying on the ground in front of the big, black oak tree. I slowly stood up, shocked. It looked like I was stuck in a giant piece of art. I walked around the tall tree. Then I looked at the sky and the grass. The sky went from blue, then purple and then turned pink. The grass was black and very short. I tried to see the true colors of the tree, but it was impossible.

I lightly ran my fingers across the tree’s trunks. Its trunk was rough and scratchy. I backed away from the tree to get a view of the oak and the background of it. I stood there in front of the tree very quietly and smiled. I may not have gotten a picture, but that memory of that dream will always remain in my head. It was the most beautiful oak tree ever in my dreams.