Emily Tibbetts




Monument Elementary



“Long Lasting Tree”

Have you ever wondered to yourself about your favorite tree? How many good memories have been with that tree for so many years Well, I am going to tell about this one old, but amazing tree that has been with me for the past 11 years.

The tree is in my backyard, near the end of it. This tree is very important to me and my family. It is important to us because we have so many good memories with this one particular tree. This tree is a little different from others. The tree is shaped like the letter “Y” and has different twigs and branches hanging off from it. On this awesome tree is an old, black tire hanging from a rope that is tied from a branch. The branch is really old!! Whenever someone soars on the swing, branches creak and move up and down constantly. In the summer my brother’s friend and my friends swing on it and have a blast!

This swing was put on the tree on my brother’s 4th birthday. That swing is quite something. I learned how to swing on it and I have had amazing, funny experiences with this swing and tree.

Trees help us grow by the oxygen that they give off and they are beautiful. Children are lucky to have such beautiful trees in their lives. Trees also help people by using their wood so they can give people fire for heat.

My tree and my swing are still standing today!! The tree is in good shape but still old. My family and I still love this amazing tree. Maybe when you get a chance, you can go outside and look for a special tree that had been there for a while and make fun, exciting memories with a special tree of your own.