Elsa Skarsten




Sharon Elementary



“Oak Tree”

Every time that I arrive at camp, I beam with the idea that I be back with favorite tree. As you walk down the wooded path, stones crunch under your feet. You might pick up a stone, and decided that it is time to visit again. Whether you have something on your mind or you are just getting a lucky feeling, you will take that stone and go make a wish. No one really knows if the magic works, but in my case, I find that in some form, you will have your wish granted. It might take a week or a year but when you feel a tingle of good fortune, I can always blame the wishing tree.

It stands stiff at the crest of a hill overlooking a mountain range. The wide Y shape to the tree makes it perfect for turning around, making a wish and tossing your stone over your head, hoping to make it between the two large limbs, and waiting for your wish to come true. Every day I am there, I wait for my chance to visit and just the sight of my tree will turn around my day.