Elsa Mueller




Benson Village School



My Special Tree

Nine years ago my special tree, a redbud, was planted in my backyard to celebrate the day I was born. My tree blooms pretty, purple flowers around May, a month after my birthday. When my tree blooms it is a late birthday present.

My redbud is special to me because it feels like my tree is part of my family. My sister has a magnolia tree and my mom has a crabapple tree. They are planted in my backyard. My sister’s tree was planted to celebrate the day that she was born too. My mom’s crabapple was planted to celebrate her. This spring we are planning on planting a tree for my baby sister to celebrate her birthday. I enjoy seeing the tree every day when I go outside.

My redbud tree holds some good memories. One was when I made a bird house and hung it up. I enjoyed watching birds fly around my tree and the bird house. I also like to watch the hummingbirds get the nectar from the flowers when my tree blooms. A funny memory is when my goat tried to eat the leaves off my tree. I couldn’t get her to stop. I finally had to pull her away on a leash.

My tree is very special to me and I like watching my tree grow as I grow. I wonder how tall it will be when I am nineteen.